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The project responds to a real and concrete need we live in our region, that is, lack of employability of Vational Training Students (formal and informal) and university students who complete their probationary period and do not find their place in the labour market.

Vocational Training has always been considered a safe alternative to finding employment, however, today, this assumption does not correspond with reality, and a high percentage of these students end up without jobs.

Neither good Universities nor good master's or postgraduate level are generating dynamic employment in Andalusia. What is the issue that we are leaving out?.

Our project is intended to reflect on what other training centres located in the rest of Spain and Europe are doing in order to build bridges.

We would also like to increase the level of information about opportunities outside Andalusia with the release of 5,000 guides to hand out to different counseling services. We believe that this lack of information and openness is another reason for the high level of unemployment in eastern Andalusia.

The project aims to delve into the issue of job search from the training centres and employment management. Our objective is to find what best practices are being conducted in other European countries and to identify what is not being doing in Eastern Andalusia when our students receive good training, and it come to these fees of unemployment.

With our project, we aim to achieve positive changes occurring in regional employment policies, and that our guides for editing could be a useful element within the current employment programs, and most importantly, help raise awareness and help training centres to link its commitment to working out those who come to be trained and formed in their centres. We believe that it is in the design of the Servicios Orienta where our project may have more impact. Why many training centres do not need to be connected to the Orienta Services regularly in order to create essential walkways?. These disagreements must be dealt with as where the results have been addressed, it seems to have good results. In addition, Counseling Services should open its information to the internationalization of our workforce job seeker. We hope to contribute to this change with the release of five thousand guides for this group.


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